SSI Score: Generate more leads and sales

SSI Score: Generate more leads and sales on LinkedIn

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The SSI (Social Selling Index) score on LinkedIn is a number that intrigues many companies. After all, is it really useful? Well, if you want to generate leads and make sales online, the answer is an emphatic “yes”.

Because LinkedIn brings advantages that go beyond multiplying the size of your professional network. To truly master the platform and obtain significant results through it, you need to understand its Social Selling Index and learn to truly exploit its potential.

But what does SSI mean? How to build a position of authority for my company? And, most importantly: how to transform this into sales and business?

These are some of the questions we will answer in this article. So keep reading to find out more.

What is the SSI Score – Social Selling Index / Sales Index?

In general, social selling is the practice of using social media as a sales tool. So this can include the use of any social network, although the choice of network will be dictated by the sales target.

Therefore, most people associate the term “social selling” with the use of LinkedIn as a channel to optimize the B2B sales cycle.

Something that makes sense, since this is the network where personal relationships and thought leadership are most valued.

Because the Social Selling Index provides companies and their sales professionals with insights into their Social Selling activity. This way, you can set goals and monitor your development as social sellers.

The impact of Social Selling is not small. Because those who leverage data, insights and knowledge online are 51% more likely to hit their goal than those with no or few basic social media skills.

When you and your sales team track how each other’s SSI scores develop over time, you can better explore opportunities to generate leads and attract sales.

How can I see my SSI score on LinkedIn?

It’s very easy: just log into your LinkedIn account, as you would for normal use. Then go to the SSI page under “Sales”:

On average, profiles have an SSI score between 40 and 50. Top performers have a sales SSI above 65, and social sellers have a score above 75%.

What are the LinkedIn SSI score metrics?

Although it’s just a number, your LinkedIn SSI score can be very important to your business.

Because a higher score says you have a greater reach on the platform. So it could mean that the marketing strategy your company has applied is succeeding as planned.

But how to achieve a good LinkedIn SSI score? The tip is to follow these metrics below:

Establish your professional brand

This factor analyzes how complete your profile is and the quality of the content you are posting.

Basically, the more complete your profile is, with the right amount of information, the better your score will be in this area.

So you want to make sure your profile has a cover photo, a complete work history, recommendations, and a good profile description.

Additionally, you will also want to create relevant posts that get lots of views and comments.

Finding the right people

In this case, simply connecting with people indiscriminately is not the solution to scoring high in this category.

This aspect looks at whether you and your salespeople are using LinkedIn tools to find the right people, reach them successfully, and create systems and automation to make the process more efficient.

However, reaching the heights of this category requires you to use LinkedIn Sales Navigator , a paid service on the platform.

Engage with insights

This factor involves sharing others’ insights, interacting with posts, reaching out to connections, and publishing your own relevant content.

The more content you share and the more views, likes and comments you receive, the better your score will be.

Therefore, it is important that your company profile is published regularly on the platform , as this provides input for your sales team to work on relevant content on LinkedIn.

Build relationships

This factor measures how truly “connected” you are with your contacts.

So to receive a high SSI score in this category, you must frequently and successfully reach out to people in your network .

This way, you will nurture your professional connections beyond a LinkedIn connection. This can be very valuable in longer sales cycles, so typical in B2B.

How can your company use the LinkedIn SSI score?

At first glance, the SSI score may seem like a trivial number. But it has a lot of value for companies that want to generate leads and sell more.

So it’s much more than just a vanity metric . Through it, your company can count on strategic advantages, such as:

Measure your personal brand

The SSI score can help you measure your personal brand so you can understand the actionable steps you need to take if you want to strengthen it.

Therefore, each improvement you make in those topics described previously can result in an increase in your score.

Benchmarking Tool

The tool automatically compares your profile with others in your industry and network.

So this gives you a quick look at where you currently stand relative to others in your industry. As well as how hard you and the professionals on your sales team need to work to get closer to the top.

Informs your marketing strategy

In addition to telling you how solid your authority is in your industry, the SSI score also tells you how efficient your LinkedIn marketing strategy is.

The more engaged you are with your network, the more likely you are establishing trust and laying the groundwork for conversions.

Therefore, increasing your SSI score can help you understand how you can optimize your digital marketing strategy and translate your efforts into more sales.

SSI Score: Good for You, Great for Your Business

Increasing your SSI score is not a big challenge. As long as you plant the right seeds by finding key people, filling out your profile and sharing valuable industry insights, you will ultimately cultivate a strong network.

Because LinkedIn is a powerful social selling tool. Therefore, as long as you understand the mechanisms of the SSI score, you will have everything you need to build a stronger network – and an increasingly significant sales record.

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