9 Unique Varieties of Nut Butters in America

Creamy and versatile, almond butter is not just for spreading on toast; it's a powerhouse of healthy fats and protein

America's favorite, peanut butter is the classic, creamy, and ever-versatile nut butter loved by millions

Pecan butter's sweet, earthy flavor and exceptional nutrient profile make it a hidden gem in the nut butter world

The vibrant green pistachio butter brings a touch of color and distinctive flavor to your nut butter collection

With its bold, earthy taste, walnut butter is packed with omega-3 fatty acids for a heart-healthy treat

Smooth, mild, and slightly sweet, macadamia nut butter is a unique indulgence for your taste buds

Known for its role in hazelnut-chocolate spreads, pure hazelnut butter offers a rich, toasty flavor

The rich and buttery cashew spread offers a delightful balance of creaminess and nuttiness

Brazil nut butter is a nutrient powerhouse, featuring selenium, a vital mineral for your health