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45 Top Chinese Takeaway in New Zealand

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Chinese Takeaway South Island Introduction

A Chinese takeaway is a type of restaurant or food establishment that specializes in preparing and packaging Chinese cuisine for takeout or delivery. These establishments typically offer a wide range of dishes, including stir-fries, noodles, rice dishes, soups, dumplings, and various meat, seafood, and vegetable-based entrees.

To order from a Chinese takeaway, you can usually do so by visiting the establishment in person, calling them directly, or using online food delivery platforms. When placing your order, you’ll typically need to provide your name, contact information, and the dishes you’d like to order along with any specific instructions or customization requests.

Reading the menu at a Chinese takeaway can be straightforward once you understand the common categories and dish names.

Here are tips for navigating the Chinese Takeaway menu:

  • Categories: Most Chinese takeaway menus are organized into categories such as appetizers, soups, main dishes (often divided by protein type such as chicken, beef, pork, seafood, and vegetarian options), rice dishes, noodle dishes, and desserts.
  • Dish Names: Familiarize yourself with common dish names and descriptions. Some dishes may be listed by their English names, while others may be in Mandarin or Cantonese with English translations. Look for keywords like “fried,” “steamed,” “spicy,” “sweet and sour,” or “with garlic sauce” to get an idea of the flavors and cooking methods used.
  • Specialty Items: Many Chinese takeaways have specialty or chef’s recommendations sections on their menus. These often highlight popular or signature dishes that are worth trying.
  • Combination Meals: Some Chinese takeaways offer combination meals or set menus that include a selection of dishes along with rice and/or noodles. These can be a convenient and cost-effective option if you’re ordering for a group or want to sample a variety of dishes.

When picking the best dishes from the Chinese Takeaway menu, consider the following:

  • Personal Preferences: Choose dishes that you enjoy and are familiar with. If you’re a fan of spicy food, look for dishes labeled as “spicy” or “hot.” If you prefer milder flavors, opt for dishes that are lightly seasoned or have sweet and savory sauces.
  • Fresh Ingredients: Look for indications of freshness, such as descriptions of seasonal vegetables or seafood that is locally sourced. Fresh ingredients can enhance the flavor and quality of the dishes.
  • Customer Reviews: If available, read customer reviews or ask friends and family for recommendations. Positive reviews can help guide you towards popular and well-loved dishes on the menu.
  • Portion Sizes: Consider the portion sizes of the dishes, especially if you’re ordering for one person or a group. Some dishes may be larger or smaller than others, so choose accordingly based on your appetite and dining preferences.

Overall, ordering from a Chinese takeaway is a convenient way to enjoy authentic Chinese cuisine from the comfort of your own home. By understanding how to read the menu and pick the best dishes, you can ensure a satisfying dining experience every time.

Looking for a delicious Chinese takeaway in South Island, New Zealand? Look no further! With an array of options available, satisfying your craving for authentic Chinese cuisine has never been easier.

Discover Chinese Takeaway Christchurch

Craving the flavors of China in Christchurch? Indulge in mouthwatering dishes from top-rated Chinese takeaways conveniently located near you. Whether you’re in the mood for classic favorites like sweet and sour chicken or adventurous dishes like Szechuan beef, Christchurch has a plethora of options to satisfy your palate.

  1. Riccarton Noodle House – 107 Riccarton Road, Riccarton, Christchurch 8041 Order Here –
  2. Super Wok Chinese Takeaway – Location – 6/569 Barbadoes Street, Edgeware, Christchurch 8013 Order online –
  3. Sun Ning Takeaways –Order Online from Sun Ning Takeaways Asian Food, Fish & Chips * 273 Stanmore Rd Richmond, Christchurch 8013 Order online
  4. Orange House Restaurant & Takeaways – 55 Auburn Avenue, Upper Riccarton, Christchurch 8041 Order Online
  5. Noodle Union takeaway – 630a Ferry Road, Woolston, Christchurch 8023 Order Online

Savor the Best Chinese Takeaway Timaru

In Timaru and searching for the perfect Chinese takeaway? Treat yourself to a culinary journey through China with the diverse selection of dishes available at local takeaways. From aromatic stir-fries to delectable dumplings, Timaru offers a taste of authentic Chinese cuisine right at your fingertips.

  1. Saikou – 2 Sefton Street East, Central, Timaru 7910 Order Here –
  2. Highfield Takeaways – 2/130 Wai-Iti Road, Highfield, Timaru 7910 Order Here –
  3. Noodle Canteen – 293 Stafford Street, Timaru 7910 Order Here –
  4. Golden Palace Chinese Restaurant – 84 Evans Street, Waimataitai, Timaru 7910 Order Here –
  5. Kam Wah Chinese Takeaways – 90 Evans Street, Waimataitai, Timaru 7910  Contact Here –

Explore Chinese Takeaways Invercargill

For those in Invercargill, the search for exceptional Chinese takeaway ends here. With a variety of eateries offering an extensive menu of traditional and contemporary Chinese dishes, satisfying your hunger has never been easier. Indulge in the rich flavors and enticing aromas of Chinese cuisine without leaving the comfort of your home.

  1. Ascot Chinese – 698A Tay Street, Hawthorndale, Invercargill 9810 Order Here –
  2. Moon’s Chinese Restaurant & Takeaways – 290 Ettrick Street, Georgetown, Invercargill 9812  Order Here –
  3. Yum Yum Takeaways – 116 Yarrow Street, Invercargill 9810 Order Here –
  4. Centre St Chinese Takeaways – 156 Centre Street, Heidelberg, Invercargill 9812 Order Here –
  5. Enter The Dragon Takeaways – 448a Dee Street, Gladstone, Invercargill 9810 Order Here –

Indulge in Chinese Takeaway Nelson

Nelson boasts a vibrant culinary scene, including an array of Chinese takeaways catering to every taste preference. Whether you’re craving comforting noodle dishes, flavorful stir-fries, or mouthwatering rice specialties, Nelson’s Chinese takeaways have something for everyone.

  1. Hong Yun Chinese Restaurant & Takeaways – 508 Main Road Stoke, Stoke, Nelson 7011 Order Here –
  2. Eastern Cuisine Restaurant & Takeaway – 275 Queen Street, Richmond 7020 Order Here –

Treat Yourself to Chinese Takeaway Ashburton

In Ashburton and in need of a flavorful Chinese takeaway? Look no further than the local eateries offering a tempting selection of Chinese delicacies. From crispy fried delights to succulent meat dishes, Ashburton’s Chinese takeaways promise a satisfying dining experience.

  1. Ming Wah Chinese Takeaway 157 Wills Street, Ashburton 7700 Order Here
  2. Beach Road Chinese Takeaway 38 Beach Road, Hampstead, Ashburton 7700 Order Here
  3. Formosa Modern Asian Cuisine 173 West Street, Ashburton 7700 Order Here

Satisfy Your Cravings with Chinese Takeaway Dunedin

Dunedin is home to a diverse culinary landscape, with Chinese takeaways serving up an enticing array of dishes. Whether you’re in the mood for traditional favorites or contemporary interpretations, Dunedin’s Chinese eateries have you covered. Enjoy the convenience of ordering your favorite dishes for takeaway or delivery.

  1. Nanking Palace Restaurant – 198/204 King Edward Street, South Dunedin, Dunedin 9012 Order Here
  2. Chopsticks 101 – 380 George Street, Central Dunedin, Dunedin 9016 Order Here
  3. Sampan House – 64 Saint Andrew Street, City center, Dunedin 9016 Order Here
  4. HEPING RESTAURANT – 362 George Street, Central Dunedin, Dunedin 9016 Order Here
  5. Great Wall Takeaways – 178 Princes Street, Central Dunedin, Dunedin 9016 Order Here

Discover Chinese Takeaway Motueka

Craving Chinese cuisine in Motueka? Explore the local takeaways offering a tempting selection of dishes bursting with flavor. From hearty noodle soups to aromatic seafood specialties, Motueka’s Chinese takeaways are sure to delight your taste buds.

  1. High Street Chinese Takeaways –  176 High Street, Motueka 7120 Order Here
  2. House of Li –  172 High Street, Motueka 7120 Order Here

Taste Authentic Chinese Takeaway Queenstown

Queenstown’s culinary scene is enriched by its diverse range of dining options, including Chinese takeaways offering authentic flavors from the East. Whether you’re in the mood for classic Cantonese cuisine or spicy Szechuan specialties, Queenstown’s Chinese eateries are ready to satisfy your cravings.

  1. No.8 Noodle Bar – Shop A12/19 Grant Road, Frankton, Queenstown 9300 Order here
  2. Bronze Elephant – O’Connells Shopping Centre 30 Camp Street, Queenstown 9300  Order here
  3. Madam Woo – 5 Lower Ballarat Street Queenstown 9348, The Mall Ballarat Street, Queenstown 9300 Order Here
  4. Saigon Kingdom – 88 Beach Street, Queenstown 9300 Order Here
  5. King Made Noodles – 5 Athol Street, Queenstown 9300 Order here

Explore Chinese Takeaway Rolleston

Rolleston residents can enjoy the convenience of delicious Chinese takeaway options right in their neighborhood. From traditional dishes to modern interpretations, Rolleston’s Chinese eateries offer a diverse menu to tantalize your taste buds. Treat yourself to a flavorful dining experience without having to travel far.

  1. The Phenix Chinese – Unit 2/63/67 Tennyson Street, Rolleston 7614 Order Here –
  2. Stonebrook – Granite Dr &, Andesite Drive, Rolleston 7614 Order Here –
  3. Thai Terrace Rolleston – 92 Rolleston Drive, Rolleston 7614 Order Here –

Delight Your Palate with Chinese Takeaway Blenheim

In Blenheim and craving Chinese cuisine? Look no further than the local takeaways offering a mouthwatering selection of dishes to satisfy your hunger. Indulge in the bold flavors and aromatic spices of Chinese cuisine without leaving the comfort of your home.

  1. Noodle Corner – 3 Twelfth Lane, Blenheim Central, Blenheim 7201 Order Here –
  2. Master Roasts – 24 Scott Street, Blenheim Central, Blenheim 7201 Order Here –
  3. Noodle Canteen – 79 Queen Street, Blenheim Central, Blenheim 7201 Order Here –

Explore Chinese Takeaway Kaiapoi

Kaiapoi residents looking for a tasty Chinese takeaway need look no further than the local eateries offering a tempting selection of dishes. From savory stir-fries to indulgent noodle dishes, Kaiapoi’s Chinese takeaways are sure to satisfy your hunger.

  1. Yum Wok – Unit 1/61 Williams Street, Kaiapoi 7630 Order Here –
  2. Kaikanui Chinese – 124a Williams Street, Kaiapoi 7630 Order Here –
  3. Saigon Sister – 194C Williams Street, Kaiapoi 7630 Order Here –

Taste the Best Chinese Takeaway Wanaka

Wanaka is home to a variety of Chinese takeaways offering a delicious selection of dishes to tantalize your taste buds. From traditional favorites to innovative creations, Wanaka’s Chinese eateries promise a culinary experience like no other. Enjoy the convenience of takeaway or delivery for a satisfying meal at home.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

  • What is the most popular Chinese takeout dish?

The most popular Chinese takeout dish is often considered to be General Tso’s Chicken, known for its crispy chicken pieces in a sweet and spicy sauce.

  • What is the most popular Chinese takeaway dish?

the most popular Chinese takeaway dish might be Chicken Chow Mein, featuring stir-fried noodles with chicken and vegetables.

  • What is best thing to buy from a Chinese restaurant?

The best thing to buy from a Chinese restaurant depends on personal preferences, but some popular choices include Kung Pao Chicken, Sweet and Sour Pork, or Chilli Beef

  • What is the best Chinese meal to eat?

The best Chinese meal to eat is subjective, but a well-loved option is Peking Duck, known for its crispy skin and tender meat, served with pancakes, hoisin sauce, and sliced vegetables.

  • What is the healthiest Chinese food takeout?

For a healthier option, consider dishes like Steamed Dumplings, Buddha’s Delight (mixed vegetables), or Steamed Fish with Ginger and Scallions, which are lower in calories and fat compared to fried options.

  • What are the 10 most popular Chinese dishes?

General Tso’s Chicken, Sweet and Sour Pork, Kung Pao Chicken, Egg Fried Rice, Spring Rolls, Chow Mein, Dim Sum (including dumplings), Peking Duck, Chilll Beef, and Mapo Tofu.


Whether you’re in Christchurch, Timaru, Invercargill, or any other town across South Island New Zealand, satisfying your cravings for Chinese takeaway has never been easier. With a diverse range of eateries offering authentic flavors and tantalizing dishes, exploring the local Chinese takeaway scene is a culinary adventure waiting to be enjoyed. So why wait? Indulge in your favorite Chinese dishes today!

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