About Nitin Kapoor

Professional Brand guidance and web promotion to increase business success

Turn key consulting business for the Retail, hospitality, and food sectors. Concentrating on providing solutions for both new and current businesses, as well as offer advice to retail companies, Hotels, curated malls, and educational institutions. My perspective is based on many years of practical experience in the Hospitality & Retail sector. This involves managing brands and delivery locations all over India,Singapore & UAE as well as consulting some of the largest brands in the subcontinent. 

Anything related to Retail is in my blood!

Career Journey

Digital Marketing & Events: Google Certified Digital Marketing professional, managing digital ads & content development with yearly budgets from 500K NZD onward for over 10 years

Leadership & Management: High-energy leader, motivator and team player who drives demanding change agendas. Have delivered results by clear thinking and generating action. Managed and developed teams from 3 to 30, serving customers through channels & direct in tenure of 12 years

Marketing Strategy & Sales Expertise: Creates the strategic vision and balances this against short-term requirements. Created multiple Branding & Marketing strategies and worked in various turn-around plus start-up environments in B2C 

Customer, People & Performance Focus: Listens to customer and company needs, then, by working across functions, delivers results that meet or exceed expectations. Highly intuitive people skills enabling the maximization of individual performance

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Creating Products


Selected Works

These few works typically outline the Brand’s specific challenges and how that was addressed, along with the results achieved. 

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