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Copy for sales: what it is and how to explore it in business

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It’s become fashionable these days to say that sales copy is the secret weapon that separates successful brands from the rest of the pack.

After all, well-written landing pages, emails, and sales ennoblement content are key to converting leads into customers.

But after all: what is copy? And how can this help your business sell more? Find out with the following article.

Sales copy: what is it and how does it work?

A good sales copy has all the same characteristics that a good quality sales copy has:

  • It’s direct
  • Well structured
  • Flows naturally to the reader

But, in the business world, sales copy also has the mission of delivering the intended results:

  • In email: must generate clicks
  • On-site: Need to optimize search engine rankings
  • On social media: focuses on establishing a relationship with potential leads – and so on

But the secret to success is doing all of these things while still sounding natural, conversational, and interesting.

How to write good sales copy

For many people, writing efficient copy is a simple task that can be done by anyone. That’s where the big gurus in the sector support themselves, selling solutions and courses to many unsuspecting people.

That’s where the danger lies: without the right expertise in producing effective content, your sales may fall into the commonplace of standard formulas, explored exhaustively.

So how will your company stand out from the competition, if you are going to bet on the same format that the entire sector is using? Following the following tips:

Write like a reader

Good sales copy is one that you would find easy to read if you were a potential user for your solution.

Because one of the biggest keys to good web copywriting is information architecture: use formatting, bullets, and headings to separate your content into manageable, visually diverse pieces.

Remember that the worst thing a reader can encounter is a giant block of text, with no objective and excessive CTAs.

Be creative – even when your topic is boring

Maybe the nature of your business seems monotonous or boring. But professionals with expertise find ways to be creative and engaged within the confines of their industry.

Educate your audience

Sales copy shows potential customers the value of the product. And later, it shows converted customers how to become proficient users.

When your copy teaches people how to effectively use your product, its value becomes tangible.

After all, tangible value is all people are looking for. Not vaguely promised benefits and empty words sprinkled in sales presentations.

Set intentions aligned with the goals of your sales copy

When you’re writing effective sales copy, your prose shouldn’t be the purpose – it should promote the purpose.

Always start with the goal your product, team, campaign and company are trying to achieve. Explore your channels to effectively communicate with your target audience.

Explore AI wisely

AI is a touchy subject when it involves sales copy. In fact, there are many ways to use AI tools as insight generators for your sales copy:

  • Use the prompt to generate new content ideas
  • Automate your outlining phase, then make adjustments as needed
  • Replace your spell checker with an AI grammar checker to find ways to improve your sales copy and make it stand out
  • Automatically rephrase sentences you’re struggling with to avoid repetition

But remember: these tools rely on machine learning to improve even more.

So one of its negative consequences is the risk of obtaining texts identical to those of your competitor, since the tool explores the content generated in it with its database.

Another issue that deserves attention is that these platforms may not be up to date with current data. And don’t even bring reliable references.

When in doubt, check everything carefully. Or use this solution for quick pieces – like a quick proposal or email to a potential client.

Let experts take care of your sales copy, as well as the production of your strategy pieces. A digital marketing agency can take care of this – and even help with paid media, rich content and more.

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