Effective growth marketing

Effective growth marketing – the time to bet is now!

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With the changes experienced in recent years, effective growth marketing has established itself as a competitive strategy for those who want to stand out in the market.

Through it, your company can explore creative, engaging and beneficial strategies for customers as well as your business.

This is an approach that goes beyond just customer acquisition, aiming for deep relationships with your customers.

Come find out more, discover its benefits and discover how to put it into practice to guarantee results at increasingly higher levels – just keep reading!

What is Effective Growth Marketing?

We consider this methodology as the sum of user-focused tactical activities that are experimental and constantly evolving.

Because it adds some valuable resources to traditional marketing, such as A/B testing, SEO, data-driven campaigns, engaging blog content, among others.

Therefore, the focus of Effective Growth Marketing is to maximize all growth opportunities for the business throughout the funnel.

This is why it has become the preferred strategy for companies looking to position themselves in the market and scale quickly. Because it offers fully performance-based ROI.

What are the benefits of Effective Growth Marketing?

There are many advantages to betting on this strategy, such as:

  • Faster speed to market
  • Most significant return on investment
  • Ability to quickly scale any marketing activity, with desired results

Other relevant benefits include greater ROI and establishing an emotional connection with the target audience – depending on their stage in the funnel.

Effective Growth Marketing connects marketing, sales, product development, finance and other areas that improve the way customers interact with the product.

Additionally, its data-driven approach allows companies like yours to leverage different tools to make their processes more efficient.

What is the difference between Effective Growth Marketing and other types of marketing?

Many business owners only focus on performance marketing, inbound marketing, or any other type of marketing. But then they complain that they were unable to achieve their marketing and sales objectives.

The reason for this lies in the limitation behind each of these approaches.

While these focus only on growing your business, Growth Marketing combines all fields to find the best strategy to scale your business and produce profitable results.

So if your business fits into one of these situations, Effective Growth Marketing can usually be highly promising:

  • Startup – but without marketing experience
  • Excellent organic traffic to the website – but low growth on the main channel
  • Launch of a new product, which requires a powerful market entry strategy
  • It has a growing demand for products – but it lacks the resources to establish meaningful relationships with potential customers
  • Generous paid marketing budget – but very low ROI
  • Goal of strengthening the brand on all platforms
  • Valuable content – ​​but little or poorly explored

Effective Growth Marketing x Growth Hacking

As there are many types of marketing, it may not be easy to understand which one best applies to your business needs.

Therefore, a common mistake among CEOs and entrepreneurs is to believe that growth marketing and Effective Growth Marketing are synonymous.

But growth hacking is not the same as growth marketing. While the first focuses on short-term results, the second has a more direct focus on the long-term scenario.

Growth hacking focuses on achieving rapid growth, often through acquisitions.

Effective Growth Marketing focuses on achieving long-term growth through a complete set of strategies for your funnel, step by step.

Furthermore, growth hacking analyzes data to experiment and refine the result. But growth marketing examines data to identify patterns and refine your strategy – ensuring more significant results.

Effective Growth Marketing Tactics and Hacks

You can apply many tactics to your Growth Marketing strategy to reach your goals faster, whatever your goals. See some tips below:.

Apply different discounts to your referral program

Try creating promotions within your referral program. For example:

  • Discount for a new user
  • Additional bonuses for those who purchase more than one product or service
  • Value reductions for annual renewals
  • Special prices on limited editions, among others

This makes it easier to start building your audience of loyal customers who will always return to your business.

Exclusivity of the offer

People’s interest in something always grows if that product or service is exclusive and available only to some people or for some time.

So explore this by offering exclusivity to your potential customers. This tactic can be especially successful in launches.

Because the more urgency you create around your point of sale, the more people will be interested in it.


Bring fun into purchasing decisions: you will not only better engage your new customer, but also motivate them through their competitive spirits.

For example: create a competition where new customers receive exclusive resources if your company reaches a certain number of new customers by a certain date.

You can also scale the benefits into milestones: for every 10 new contracts, all customers receive a special bonus.

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