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27 Restaurants Near Me in Christchurch

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Christchurch, a city known for its scenic beauty, is also a haven for food enthusiasts. With a plethora of dining options ranging from Indian restaurants near me to Italian trattorias, it’s a culinary delight waiting to be explored. In this gastronomic journey, we’ll introduce you to some of the finest restaurants in Christchurch, covering a variety of cuisines and flavors.

A Taste of Diversity: Christchurch’s Restaurants

Indian Restaurants

1. Little India – Indian Restaurant

  • Ambiance: Warm and inviting with traditional decor.
  • Price Point: Moderate.
  • Brand: Known for authenticity and friendly service.
  • Best Dishes: Chicken Tikka Masala, Garlic Naan.
  • Address: 475 Madras Street, Christchurch Central.

2. Coriander’s – Indian Restaurant Near Me

  • Ambiance: Contemporary with a cozy atmosphere.
  • Price Point: Mid-range.
  • Brand: Offers a wide range of Indian flavors.
  • Best Dishes: Butter Chicken, Lamb Rogan Josh.
  • Address: 58 Edgeware Road, St Albans.

3. Aja Indian Street Food – North Indian, Desi Indo Chinese, Chaats & Tandoor

  • Ambiance: Cafe-style Vibe and a rustic twist.
  • Price Point: Moderate.
  • Brand: Authentic Indian classics with a lot of variety on the menu, over 100 dishes.
  • Best Dishes: Indian Butter Chicken, Galawati Kebab, Chowmein, Fried Rice, Panipuri
  • Address: 225, Linwood Avenue, Linwood Christchurch 8011

Japanese Restaurants

1. Cookai Japanese Restaurant – Japanese Restaurant

  • Ambiance: Authentic Japanese with a serene setting.
  • Price Point: Moderate.
  • Brand: Known for fresh sushi and skilled chefs.
  • Best Dishes: Sushi Platter, Teriyaki Salmon.
  • Address: 218 Barbadoes Street, Christchurch Central.

2. Hachi Hachi – Japanese Teppanyaki

  • Ambiance: Exciting teppanyaki performances with a lively vibe.
  • Price Point: Upscale.
  • Brand: Offers a memorable teppanyaki experience.
  • Best Dishes: Teppanyaki Show, Lobster Tail.
  • Address: 116 Worcester Street, Christchurch Central.

3. Sakimoto Japanese Bistro – Sushi Bar

  • Ambiance: Casual and friendly atmosphere.
  • Price Point: Affordable.
  • Brand: Focuses on fresh and creative sushi.
  • Best Dishes: Grilled Squid, Angus Beef Tataki, Cream Brulee with Green Tea Ice Cream.
  • Address: 119 Worcester Street, Christchurch Central City

Chinese Restaurants

1. Noodle Union – Chinese Restaurant

  • Ambiance: Cozy and perfect for casual dining.
  • Price Point: Budget-friendly.
  • Brand: Offers a diverse range of Chinese dishes.
  • Best Dishes: Dumplings, Beef Noodle Soup.
  • Address: 205 Durham Street South, Christchurch Central.

2. Welcome Vegetarian Cafe – Chinese Vegetarian

  • Ambiance: Relaxed and vegetarian-friendly.
  • Price Point: Affordable.
  • Brand: Specializes in Chinese vegetarian cuisine.
  • Best Dishes: Vegetarian Spring Rolls, Sweet and Sour Tofu.
  • Address: 3/95 Springs Road, Hornby.

3. Daphne’s Restaurant – Chinese Diner

  • Ambiance: Fast and convenient.
  • Price Point: Budget-friendly.
  • Brand: Offers classic Chinese food.
  • Best Dishes: Dimsums, Peaking Duck, Deep Fried Squid, Fried Rice, Baked Pork Bun
  • Address: 398 Riccarton Road, Upper Riccarton, Christchurch.

Italian Restaurants

1. Tuttobene Italian Restaurant

  • Ambiance: Charming and rustic Italian trattoria.
  • Price Point: Mid-range.
  • Brand: Known for handmade pasta and wood-fired pizzas.
  • Best Dishes: Lasagna, Carbonara Pasta, Sticky Date Pudding, Tiramisu
  • Address: 109 Worcester Street, Christchurch Central.

2. Francesca’s Italian Kitchen Christchurch – Italian Restaurant

  • Ambiance: Rustic, chic restaurant next to Christchurch’s beautiful Isaac Theatre Royal, woodfired pizza oven
  • Price Point: Affordable.
  • Brand: Famous for its wood-fired pizzas, pasta, and tiramisu.
  • Best Dishes: Polenta, Gnocchi, Ragu, Potato skin, Risotto
  • Address: 149 Gloucester Street, Christchurch Central City

3. Spagalimis – Italian Pizzeria

  • Ambiance: Lively and perfect for a casual meal.
  • Price Point: Budget-friendly.
  • Brand: Offers a wide range of pizza toppings.
  • Best Dishes: Supreme Pizza, Garlic Bread.
  • Address: 300 Colombo St Central City

Mexican Restaurants

1. Mexicano’s – Mexican Restaurant

  • Ambiance: Vibrant and lively Mexican cantina.
  • Price Point: Moderate.
  • Brand: Known for its authentic Mexican flavors.
  • Best Dishes: Tacos Al Pastor, Guacamole.
  • Address: 131 Victoria Street, Central Christchurch 8013

2. Mexigrill – Mexican Cantina

  • Ambiance: Colorful and festive eatery.
  • Price Point: Affordable.
  • Brand: Offers a basic yet flavourful Mexican food.
  • Best Dishes: Tacos, Enchiladas, Nachos, Fried Chicken.
  • Address: 249 Stanmore Road, Richmond, Christchurch 8013.

3. Mexico – Modern Mexican

  • Ambiance: Modern and stylish with a Mexican flair.
  • Price Point: Moderate.
  • Brand: Showcases modern twists on Mexican classics.
  • Best Dishes: Beef Barbacoa Tacos, Churros.
  • Address: 203 Manchester St, Christchurch Central.

Vegetarian Restaurants

1. Lotus Heart – Vegetarian Restaurant

  • Ambiance: Relaxed Indian-inspired surrounds.
  • Price Point: Moderate.
  • Brand: Vegetarian spot serving a global range of mains & sandwiches
  • Best Dishes: Masala Dosa, Vegan Chocolate Cake, Chipotle Nacho Bowl
  • Address: 363 Saint Asaph Street, Christchurch Central City,

2. Welcome Vegetarian Cafe – Chinese Vegetarian

  • Ambiance: Relaxed and vegetarian-friendly.
  • Price Point: Affordable.
  • Brand: Specializes in Chinese vegetarian cuisine.
  • Best Dishes: Vegetarian Spring Rolls, Sweet and Sour Tofu.
  • Address: 3/95 Springs Road, Hornby.

3. Water Drop Vegetarian Cafe

  • Ambiance: Tranquil and vegetarian-focused.
  • Price Point: Affordable.
  • Brand: Creative and flavorful vegetarian dishes.
  • Best Dishes: Vegan Bibimbap, Fried Tofu, Veggie Dumplings, Vegan Laksa, Tempura.
  • Address: 2 Harakeke Street, Riccarton, Christchurch

Mediterranean Restaurants

1. The Mediterranean Food Company – Restaurant

  • Ambiance: Mediterranean-inspired decor with a cozy feel.
  • Price Point: Moderate.
  • Brand: Offers authentic Mediterranean dishes.
  • Best Dishes: Meat and Cheese Platter, Italian Pizza, Salad Pear Gorgonzola
  • Address: 322 Tuam Street, Christchurch Central City.

2. Costas Taverna Greek Restaurant and Ouzo Bar

  • Ambiance: Modern and elegant Greek Restaurant.
  • Price Point: Upscale.
  • Brand: Emphasizes fresh, local produce.
  • Best Dishes: Spanakopita of Kiani, Garlic Pita, Chicken Souvlaki Platter, Costas Calamari
  • Address: 3/478 Cranford Street, Redwood, Christchurch.

3. Terra Viva – Mediterranean Cafe

  • Ambiance: A beautiful outdoor garden setting alongside the garden center, makes for a vibrant place to eat and socialize.
  • Price Point: Moderate.
  • Brand: fresh ideas, paired with equally fresh ingredients, and friendly service
  • Best Dishes: Lamb Shank Tagine, Seafood Paella.
  • Address: 242 Roydvale Avenue, Burnside, Christchurch 

Thai Restaurants

1. Thai Box- Thai Restaurant Near Me

  • Ambiance: Great Thai setting with a tranquil atmosphere.
  • Price Point: Moderate.
  • Brand: Offers a taste of Thailand in Christchurch.
  • Best Dishes: Bangkok Noodles, Vegan Pad Thai, Peanut Satay
  • Address: 270 Saint Asaph Street, Christchurch Central City, Christchurch

2. Thai Orchid – Thai Restaurant

  • Ambiance: Cozy and family-friendly Thai eatery.
  • Price Point: Affordable.
  • Brand: Known for its traditional Thai dishes.
  • Best Dishes: Pad Thai, Mango sticky Rice, Tom Yum Soup, Chicken Green Curry
  • Address: 21 Riccarton Road, Riccarton, Christchurch 

Finding the Best Restaurants Near Me

When searching for the best restaurants in Christchurch, keep in mind the importance of Google ratings. Here are some highly-rated options:

  1. Fiddlesticks Restaurant and Bar – 4.6 Stars
    • This elegant restaurant offers a blend of contemporary and traditional cuisine, accompanied by an extensive wine list.
    • Address: 48 Worcester Boulevard, Christchurch Central.
  2. The Bicycle Thief – 4.7 Stars
    • A waterfront dining experience with an Italian-inspired menu that never disappoints.
    • Address: 136 Oxford Terrace, Christchurch Central.
  3. Formaggio’s Italian Restaurant & Pizzeria – 4.5 Stars
    • Neighborhood restaurant providing delicious meals and excellent service. Certified carbon neutral and passionate about the environment.
    • Address: 150 Colombo Street, Sydenham, Christchurch.
  4. Brazooka – BBQ Brazil – 4.7 Stars
    • Known for its unique and Authentic Brazilian BBQ, Cocktails, and desserts. Live the life, color, and flavor of Brazil!
    • Address: 505A Papanui Road, Papanui, Christchurch 8053
  5. The Monday Room – 4.7 Stars
    • This elegant establishment offers a fusion of flavors and an impressive wine list.
    • Address: 161 High Street, Christchurch Central.


Christchurch’s culinary scene is a testament to its multicultural diversity. Whether you’re in the mood for Indian, Japanese, Chinese, Italian, Mexican, vegetarian, Mediterranean, or Thai food or Restaurant, you’ll find a restaurant that suits your taste. The city’s vibrant food culture continues to evolve, making it a must-visit destination for food enthusiasts.

So, next time you’re in Christchurch, be sure to explore these restaurants, each offering a unique culinary experience. From Indian restaurants near me to Italian trattorias, the city’s dining scene has something for everyone, making it a delightful destination for food lovers.

Now, get ready to embark on a gastronomic journey through the Garden City of New Zealand, where every bite tells a story of flavor and diversity.

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